WHAT IS THE AWARD? The sum of $1,500 will be awarded towards the creation of a unique, one-of-a-kind, or limited edition, work of art in the field of Jewish book arts. 

WHAT IS ELIGIBLE? The 2017 cycle of the Visual Arts award is for painting and drawing.

WHAT IS THE AWARD? A cash award of $1,000 towards the completion of a 
specific project. An applicant for the Naomi Anolic Award will have demonstrated great potential, but not yet have achieved broad success or be considered well established professionally. 
WHAT WILL THE AWARD FUND? The award is to be used for an independent study trip to Israel. The award may be used towards funding: museum visits, independent research, studio work, materials, professional consultation, art travel, etc.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY ? Any Jewish student (junior, senior, or graduate), studying in a Jewish studies college program, department of fine arts, or an academically accredited art school. While applicants must demonstrate a sincere interest in the visual arts (by avocation or profession), and a Jewish perspective towards the creative process, you do not have to be an art student to apply.

WHAT IS THE AWARD? The sum of $2,000 will be awarded to a Jewish student who has a particular interest in the visual arts and in Israel, to explore and develop their artistic interest through an independent study trip to Israel. 

Bertha Anolic



Jewish Book Arts Award

Isaac Anolic

Naomi Anolic

Early Career Jewish Visual Arts Award

Visual Arts Israel Travel Award


DEADLINE: APRIL 17th, 2017

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY?  Active early career Jewish visual artists between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five may apply. Students may not apply.

DEADLINE: JUNE 16th, 2017

DEADLINE: MAY 1st, 2017

Book Arts  refers to works of art that originate from a relationship to the book form, ranging from scrolls, accordion-style, illuminated manuscripts, graphic novels or hand-bound printed sheets, as well as hand-made paper, newspapers, comics, ephemera, deconstructed books, photographs, etc. 

Jewish Book Arts  refers to a work that relates in some way to the greater world of Jewish writings, religion, Jewish thought, history or culture and how words appear in the Jewish tradition. Possible reference points could include: Prayer books, the mezuzah, the ketubbah, Jewish history, sacred texts, the haggadah, etc.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY? All active artists who have exhibited within the last five years

are eligible to apply.